What Happens If You Don’t Keep Your Gutters Clean?

Unless you’ve seen the side effects of not keeping up with routine rain gutter maintenance, you may not realize just how important this can be.

Draining water away from the foundation area of your home helps avoid having water pool and potentially seep into your basement. Continued runoff and collection of water around your home can also lead to landscape damage, pest infestations and more.

A few disasters that you could potentially face if you don’t keep up with your rain gutters include:

Leaky gutters: If your gutters go uncleaned and unchecked, a leak may appear. If it goes unrepaired for too long, you risk rotting or mold on the gutter, which may lead to it detaching from your roof and damaging your home.

Leaky basement: Gutters usually drain water to the bottom of the home. If your gutters aren’t working properly or are clogged up with dead leaves and other debris, it’s likely water will start to pool around your basement, potentially leaking inside.

Leaky roof: If your gutter is filled with junk or frozen over with ice, it has potential to overfill and spill over – potentially right onto your roof, causing damage.

Damaged foundation: If water is collecting around the foundation of your home, it can eventually be absorbed into the actual foundation, leading to cracks in the foundation and between walls.

Insects: Bugs are attracted to moisture, and if your gutters are leaking on and around your home, the insects will follow.

What are rain gutters for, exactly?

Well-functioning gutters can:

  • Protect your landscaping, pools, and decks
  • Prevent damaging water erosion around the foundation
  • Protect your brick, siding or stucco from stains

Regular rain gutter cleanings can help you avoid these costly repairs.

By setting up a rain gutter inspection, you can keep the area around your home safe. After a thorough inspection of your current gutters, a professional team can lay out the best and most affordable options for you.

If you don’t have rain gutters on your home and have noticed water damage, a professional can show you how rain gutters and downspouts can draw water away and provide you with a drier environment around your home.

Let us help you protect your home while ensuring that you stay within your budget. A-1 Heating and Cooling have a team of experts that would be happy to come inspect, repair, or install your rain gutters.

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